Meet In-House Experts & Aces This Month

In-House Agency Experts and Aces - An IHAF Conference - April 28, 2022 - a Hybrid Event

Our In-House Agency Experts & Aces event brings brand-side mastery to NYC on April 28. Here’s what’s on deck from the insiders at Deloitte, Indeed, Norwegian Cruise Line and PwC, plus title sponsor Extreme Reach.

The Next Generation of Marketing Excellence. True marketing expertise includes strategy, strong brand storytelling, informed decision-making, shaping the market and delighting your clients. The Marketing arm of Deloitte does all that and more with support from the Green Dot Agency (GDA), a well-oiled machine with over 200 brand builders and growth drivers. GDA Director Kim McNeil-Downs joins our April conference to share her team’s expertise in these areas.

Slow Down for Growth. When the going gets tough, the tough get creative. After completing 2,000 projects in year one, the upstart in-house team at Indeed faced a new challenge: scaling operations on a tight budget with minimal headcount. Managing Director Tim Chow and Design Director Greta Mantooth explain how new tech, savvy partners and an aggressive reprioritization helped the in-house agency more than double its throughput and add $2MM to the bottom line.

Insights from a New In-House Agency. Forged in the fires of 2020, Norwegian Cruise Line’s in-house agency was faced with two options: sink or sail. They set a course for the latter, expertly navigating the lockdowns and travel bans to keep their tourism and hospitality brand moving forward. Senior Director Rebecca Winters brings you up to speed on her team’s efforts to earn buy-in, streamline operations, build culture and prep for a new brand relaunch.

It’s a Matter of Trust. In-House Agency of the Year, PwC, invests in relationships to earn its place as an essential business partner. But for a remote team of 110 people strewn thousands of miles apart, building a foundation of trust and community is no small feat. Managing Director and Creative Leader Jack Teuber invites us inside the in-house agency (at their US headquarters, no less) to show how the magic happens.

Hubble’s Law and the Expanding In-House Universe. This imaginative session will coax you to rethink creative assets in terms of speed, insight and control. Extreme Reach CMO Melinda McLaughlin channels the laws of astrophysics to draw parallels between your in-house agency’s output and the expansion of the universe. A stimulating presentation from our title sponsor!

Claim Your Seat.

Our In-House Agency Experts & Aces conference is a tremendous opportunity to learn and grow among key community leaders. And although it’s a hybrid event, it’s also one of the first chances we’ve had in years to reconnect in person. Treat your team to a change of scenery at PwC’s office in New York City—seating is limited, so be sure to register well before April 28. We’ll see you on Madison Avenue!

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