In-House Trends for 2022

Can in-house agencies break their own records in 2022? Industry reports reveal they made fresh gains in team size, popularity, skills and efficiency last year. While it’s a tough act to follow, here’s how IHAF sees the in-house model advancing in 2022.

Insourcing more digital and media functions

In-house agencies had already begun expanding their digital and programmatic media capabilities before the pandemic, which only accelerated these efforts. As companies navigate new consumer privacy laws and seek more control over media spend, functions like consumer insights and media buying will become even more valuable. We expect them to continue to migrate in house.

Finding new ways to co-create

Despite the productivity gains of the past year, some in-house agencies have struggled to replicate their former co-creation and ideation processes in a virtual model. With just 9 percent of these teams fully back in-office—and few more planning to be 100 percent onsite this year—exploring new ways to brainstorm creative solutions will be a priority for in-house leaders in 2022.

Promoting morale and mental health

I’m pleased to note that internal agencies aren’t reporting the same dip in morale that other groups have experienced in the last two years. Still, burnout should be closely monitored amid the “Great Resignation.” It’s essential for creative leaders to promote health, wellness and job satisfaction to attract and retain top talent.

Returning to in-person engagement

For internal agencies, more in-person events and engagements as the year goes on mean more traditional print projects after a near-universal shift to digital. For IHAF members, this also means more face-to-face networking opportunities with like-minded peers! Stay tuned for details on our In-House Agency Experts & Aces series this spring and our annual conference in the fall.

Continuing to connect virtually

Of course, one of the greatest opportunities for in-house agencies is to connect with one another—specifically by joining IHAF. Big teams and small. Leading brands and up-and-comers. The diversity of people and experiences across our membership community is unparalleled. Connect through our member directory, our private LinkedIn group or by tapping the IHAF team to introduce you. The IHAF network is YOUR network—take advantage of it in 2022.

More value for IHAF members

The IHAF team is hard at work developing more resources and experiences to supercharge your in-house agency in the new year. Visit our website often as we add new job profiles, updated org charts, whitepapers, blog posts and recorded webinars—all of which are included with your IHAF membership.

If you’re new to the IHAF community, haven’t engaged in a while or are just thinking of joining, I encourage you to make 2022 the year that you finally take advantage of everything IHAF has to offer. Register for our free webinar Thursday, January 13 to get started. We hope to see you there!

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