How to Validate Your Creative Instincts and Sell Your Best Work

There is an exciting new way to measure how people truly think and feel about creative content. For the first time ever, your in-house agency can tap into subconscious emotions to bolster consumer insights, validate your creative instincts and sell your best work.

This new science was built on FACS (Facial Action Coding System), a lab method that distills millions of muscle movements into seven key emotions. Thanks to webcams and front-facing mobile cameras, advertisers can now capture these audience emotions on a global scale. Through AI, you can even harmonize the emotional data with traditional attitudinal survey data to better understand audience reactions.

Gain First-Mover Advantage
With direct access to core decision makers, in-house agencies have always had the inside advantage. Now you can also have the first-mover advantage as an early adopter of this new technology. It’s available through user-friendly, self-service tools and can answer immediate creative questions like, “What’s the impact of the red shirt versus the blue one,” and, “What kind of car and music should we feature?” People may never overtly answer these questions, but with the power to measure their reactions, you might not have to ask. Having these insights can empower your team to write better briefs and craft content that delivers, allowing you to sell more daring and desirable work.

Appeal to the Emotions
The most effective communication gets people to laugh, cry, think, get excited and take action. It is not that one emotion predicts behavior better than another; it’s simply that EMOTION SELLS and engages audiences. Advertising that lacks emotional appeal just sort of sits there, adding to the clutter—it’s irrefutably logical yet hopelessly dull.

As an example, we recently used this science to detect how Cheetos and Toyota leverage the power of emotion in two totally different ways for hit Super Bowl commercials, as seen below. Cheetos teases comedy, celebrity and nostalgic cheese fingers to make people feel light and happy, which triggers more attention and arousal than the norm. Meanwhile, Toyota appeals to the heart with a memorable story that is unlike any typical auto commercial.

sample of Monet platform analyzing Super Bowl ad
Watch the Big Game Commercials and Study Here

Sell Better Work with Better Insights
The best emotion measurement systems are fast, cost-efficient and highly predictive, with frame-by-frame video analysis to see what scenes work and what needs to improve. You can even access real-time consumer reactions, so you can make quick editing changes to prevent cancel culture. Your true advantage is knowing how people think and feel when consuming your content, so you can validate your creative instincts and sell your best work.

Monet Analytics is an IHAF supplier member. Their platform leverages AI to measure how audiences think and feel in response to creative content. Visit their website or email Monet directly to schedule a demo.

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