How to Find the Right Production Capability

2022 has been the perfect storm for marketers. There’s been a collision of new expectations and requirements within the industry. Inflation is reducing available budgets. Economic pressures are making markets nervous. Sustainability is top-of-mind in every boardroom. And frugality has moved up the priority list.

So, what’s the impact on marketing and creative? 

The in-house agency model delivers enormous value including time and cost efficiencies in developing campaigns. As the creative minds closest to the product and the brand, in-house agencies are also the “ideas engine room” for the companies they support.

The question is, how do you deliver even greater efficiency when it comes to content production? How do you meet the needs of your internal partners as well as external customers? And what are those specific needs?

Customer centricity. It’s important to demonstrate a customer-first mindset—understanding customer expectations, situations and behaviors. If you’re not showing up where your audience hangs out, your engagement rates, brand awareness and eventually sales will suffer.

Broader range of treatments. Seeing different ideas and understanding different ways of thinking from people not in your immediate network is always beneficial to open new avenues. It’s the easiest way to gain an outside-the-box perspective, or better, a fresh set of eyes from the region you’re targeting, which brings me to…

Cultural diversity. Are you reflecting the real culture of your audience? Working with people who embody the diverse nature of your customer base can unlock new insights and provide a deeper understanding of your target market.

Local insight and authenticity. Imagine there’s huge potential for your business in Japan. Truly understanding Tokyo audiences and addressing their needs is almost impossible to do from a U.S. vantage point. Having knowledge of local norms, traditions, pastimes and even places to film your next spot could be your competitive advantage.

Time efficiency. Utilizing local creative talent and avoiding flying your team all over the world on a regular basis not only reduces project timelines, it reduces your carbon footprint and increases your cost efficiency.

Cost efficiency. Speaking of which, as budgets tighten, we need to make our dollars go further. Even if your campaign is geared toward the United States, leveraging the strength of the USD by working with professional talent in lower-cost regions can help stretch your dollars without sacrificing quality.  

Read on to learn how a few of our clients have taken advantage of global production capabilities to achieve:

  1. Scale and efficiency as well as an understanding of niche markets for Carol’s Daughter products. Read our case study featuring L’Oréal.

  1. True localization—how Fitbit localized an American ad in Japan.

  1. New specialized creative production capabilities all over the world for what3words.

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