How Mature is Your Marketing Work Management Model?

What’s the status of your in-house agency tech stack? How are your people, processes, and technologies performing? How intentional and customer-focused is your organization?

Whether you’re mired in manual minutia, contemplating Adobe Workfront, or have a work management solution in place, a long-range plan is in order. A measured look at how you’re doing can help you get where you want to go.

Move the meter. A marketing work management maturity model is an effective tool for mapping the process of optimizing in-house agency operations. The maturity model informs operations leaders, giving them insight into where they stand across the spectrum. It also provides a better understanding of what it takes to meet their goals plus the ability to map progress over time.

Improve the customer experience by improving the work experience. A high priority among a number of in-house agencies is delivering personalized customer experiences at scale. To that end, your team may have already deployed multiple MarTech applications. Often, however, these implementations happen without making sure everything functions together.

The resulting process and data gaps can slow work down and create a sub-par experience for marketers. It may also impact the team’s ability to do their jobs effectively and efficiently, keeping you from getting expected ROI from existing apps and delivering what your market needs.

Get more done faster. Achieving an optimized state of work management is worth the effort. And it’s possible through a progressive exercise that includes automation, process definition, defined journeys for each persona on your team, integration, and an end-to-end approach to the customer experience.

Implementing Adobe Workfront as the central solution to orchestrate work across the marketing value chain is a process. Whether you’re just getting started or have frameworks in place, we encourage you to find a partner that can meet you where you are.

For more information on delivering personalized customer experiences at scale by optimizing the marketers’ work experience first, download this e-book from Zee Jay Digital.

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