Finding the Right Agency Partner

Whether you’re looking for niche expertise or simply need extra hands, most in-house agencies seek external partners to fill their staffing gaps. In a crowded market with seemingly endless options, how can you be sure you’re outsourcing to the right provider to meet your specific needs? When you’re ready to partner-up, these key indicators can help you find the right fit.

A Partner You Can Trust. When you’re searching for outside support, the best place to start is gauging trust. Thankfully, there are a few ways to tell if a potential partner is trustworthy before committing to a long-term relationship. As you begin conversations with an agency, be on the lookout for how teams handle communication, preparation and follow-through. Are you aligned on goals? Are your questions being answered? Were they able to anticipate your needs? These factors will let you know sooner than later if it’s a good match. A bumpy start can almost always guarantee issues further down the road. 

A Partner Who Flexes with You. While you may be looking for project-based support initially, it’s important to make sure your external agency has the potential to grow and evolve with your changing needs. If you partner with a team that understands your brand and executes seamlessly, outsourcing to them can be a relief. It also saves you from the burden of sourcing new vendors to take on additional projects. As you scout potential agencies, find out what capabilities they have and what type of work they’ve done for other clients. A well-rounded partner will showcase a wide range of services that can take your campaigns from start to finish, without having to bring on more vendors to get the job done. 

A Partner with Shared Values. Are you a people-first business? Do you seek flexibility? Do you value collaboration and accountability? Partnering with an agency that has similar values can lead to lasting relationships. Even if you’re simply looking for fast turnarounds, an agency focused on the same can feel like a natural extension of your team, which positions you to do better work. What value props align with your own? Are their employees advocates or do they shy away from engaging publicly? Before you commit, take the time to do your own research to discover the business behind the brand. 

Not All Partners that Glitter are Gold. With fast deadlines and changing priorities, it can be tempting to sign-on with a new vendor to get the job done quickly. By taking a step back and using these points as guide, you can develop strong partnerships that drive long-term success and support evolving business goals.

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