Recorded Webinars

  • Building Brand with Design Thinking

    headshot of Kelly Chmielewski


    Presented by Kelly Chmielewski, Brand Strategy & Design Leader

    To acquire and retain a loyal base of customers, brands must demonstrate a deep understanding of what’s important to consumers so they can evolve products, services and outreach strategies with the greatest potential for marketplace success. This webinar illustrates how Design Thinking, also known as “human-centered design,” is enabling leading companies to surface breakthrough ideas that keep their brands top-of-mind with consumers. As a passionate practitioner and evangelist for the power and potential of deign thinking, and the possibilities that emerge from the intersection of brand, strategy and design, Kelly Chmielewski walks us through her “how to” guide, helping you begin to experiment with Design Thinking in your own organization.

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  • Evaluating Performance & Proving Your Team's Value

    headshot of Maureen Boyle


    Presented by Maureen Boyle, Director of Creative Services & Events at

    According to IHAF’s latest benchmarking study, 65% of in-house agencies measure the performance of their teams and the satisfaction of their clients. However, measurement alone isn’t enough—it’s what you do with the data that counts. In this session, Maureen Boyle, Director of Creative Services & Events at Team IDEA, the in-house creative and events agency for, reviews the benefits her organization has gleaned by taking a disciplined approach to assessing performance, setting quantifiable KPIs, and promoting their value. Since 2013, Team IDEA has regularly surveyed its internal business partners, leveraging key insights to boost their effectiveness and strengthen client partnership.

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  • Don’t Brand the Channel, Channel the Brand

    headshot of Will Burns


    Presented by Will Burns, CEO at Ideasicle

    To some marketers, gaining exposure for their company’s logo is analogous to good branding. To Forbes contributing writer and Ideasicle CEO, Will Burns, they’re just scratching the surface. Good branding is about having an inspiring idea and channeling your branded concept into everything you do as a marketing organization. In this thought-provoking webinar, Will explains what it means to truly “channel the brand,” bringing his session to life with modern-day cases and an introduction to a practice Will describes as the ultimate form of channeling your brand, Brand Improv.

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