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Our library of recorded sessions is available to IHAF members 24/7, including conference presentations and monthly webinars. These talks are an easy way to engage in remote learning and promote team training. Pick a topic and enjoy!

  • EBC & The Mysterious Case of the Iridescent Birds


    What might a stroke of creative genius, thousands of lines of media-performance data and an absurd number of CGI birds have in common? Explore the inspired world of evidence-based creative (EBC), where savvy brands meld human insight with automation to create real-time feedback loops between media and creative. Deep dive into the methods and tools that have helped global brands supercharge their media performance through agile testing, iteration and rapid creative versioning. Machines won’t replace your creative director anytime soon—but with EBC, they can help us understand how to better connect with audiences to enhance our results.

    Presented by Grant Gudgel, VP, Head of Teads Studio at

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  • Premier Sponsor Presentation: Adobe


    It takes engaging content and efficient workflow to best meet internal clients’ business goals. Is your creative team using the right tools for the job? Join Adobe’s Dave Weinberg as he shows off the latest technology at the 2019 IHAF Conference & Awards. Dave ties these tools to three key themes—innovation, versatility, collaboration—giving us a live demonstration of Adobe’s new 3D design platform.

    Presented by Dave Weinberg, Senior Solutions Consultant at Adobe

    Category: Recorded Sessions, Past Conferences, Tools and Technology