Our regional roundtables offer in-house agencies the opportunity to discuss and debate various topics of interest. These dynamic half-day sessions are held at member facilities across the country. With 15 to 50 people at each session, participants come together to network, share and learn from one another.

Our 2019 discussion group series wrapped earlier this year, as we gathered in six cities across the U.S. to explore what it means to breakthrough by breaking free of the confines of how in-house agencies work today. For a recap of this year's conversations, go to The Inside Scoop and read all about it.

If you are interested in hosting a regional roundtable for the in-house agencies in your local area in 2020, please contact us.

What are people saying about our Roundtables?

"I loved that the moderator truly facilitated the sessions. I've been to others like this (not with IHAF) and they are rarely facilitated or as valuable as this session was!"

— Jarrett King,
Director, Experience Design & Studios, The Coca-Cola Company

"I really appreciate the honesty during the presentations. It was very helpful to learn how other companies have moved through some of the challenges."

— Joe Roach,
Studio Production Manager, Rust-Oleum

"Although the smallest company in the room, I gathered much useful info from the case studies as well as the discussions."

— Patricia Moore,
Executive Director, Bandera County CVB