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AI: Master the Magic


Presented by Andrew Davis, Bestselling Author and Keynote Speaker, Monumental Shift

Artificial intelligence feels a lot like magic, especially for teams striving for agility. Craft a smart prompt and behold, chatGPT pens your campaign copy. Ask DALL-E to conjure-up brand visuals. Shazam! Have Google Duplex set-up your meetings, and Abracadabra. AI is revolutionizing the way we engage, communicate, and build relationships with customers and colleagues. Like any spellbinding magic, AI also harbors a dark side. A single AI-powered blunder can turn engaged audiences and supportive colleagues into skeptics and critics, eroding your most prized possession—the trust you’ve earned. In this thrilling keynote, Andrew Davis guides us through the maze of AI, including how to harness its magic without sabotaging relationships.

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