Meet a Member: Peter Baedita of Norwegian Cruise Line

The award-winning creative agency at Norwegian Cruise Line has been a member of IHAF since 2011. So, I was excited to finally catch up with Senior Creative Director, Peter Baedita, and hear what it’s like working for such a prestigious brand. “With two new groundbreaking cruise ships launching over the next two years,” said Peter, “we have lots of exciting video, print and digital projects on the horizon.”

As most in-house agencies know all too well, with the introduction of new products comes the inevitability of new challenges. Peter’s 12-person team is no different. “The projects and workload we’ve taken on has outpaced our ability to staff up,” he explains. “Finding, recruiting and keeping great people is always a challenge. We’ve invested in our team by giving them opportunities to learn, grow and prosper. This has helped limit the number of good people we’ve lost in recent years. But it’s ongoing; it’s not something you ever totally overcome.”

Having steered the creative ship at Norwegian for seven years, Peter is accustomed to the twists and turns that are routine in the industry. In fact, his orientation to the fast-paced world of advertising came in his very first job out of college. “I worked in the advertising department at Long’s Jewelers—hired for my illustration skills and eventually asked to take product photos for newspaper ads. I said ‘of course’ and taught myself,” recalls Peter. “I also learned how to do everything from layout to copywriting. Working in retail taught me how to turn things around under very tight deadlines—something that has served me well in the ‘I need it yesterday’ world we all live in today.”

Though cruising the Hawaiian Isles with a Mai Tai in hand may be in Peter’s mind’s eye most days, his feet are firmly planted in the business. Peter also credits IHAF as a resource, going on to say that, “meeting like-minded people who understand and appreciate some of the same challenges and realize some of the same joys we do is a source of inspiration and great advice.”   

Another source of inspiration? The magnetized wall organizer hanging in Peter’s office—filled with what he describes as a variety of “sharp objects that seem to act as a deterrent (to people) coming in and bothering me with unimportant things. Or so I’ve been told…” He’s joking, of course. Though time aboard one of those relaxing Norwegian cruise ships could be just the break he needs—anchors away!

Thanks for sharing your good spirit with us, Peter—and for your ongoing enthusiasm for IHAF. Want to share your story or that of your in-house agency? Get in touch. We’re always interested in learning more about the personalities that comprise our eclectic, energetic membership community.

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