“IHAF benefits from a tremendous diversity of organizations within its membership, offering a deep level of camaraderie and an open environment away from the possible politics or internally developed perceptions of each organization.”

— Ken Volk,
Director of Creative, Kronos

“IHAF is a great way to network within the creative industries and to make sure our in-house agency is on-track with the other shops around town.”

— Alice Duhamel,
Marketing Project Manager, The TJX Companies

"The IHAF Board keeps the association in step with, and in many cases ahead of, the challenges that face internal agencies today. With their counsel, IHAF is able to deliver the most relevant, meaningful content available to the in-house community."

— Marta Stiglin,
Principal, Stiglin Consulting

"Every time I have attended a webinar or session, it’s been a great experience with the richness of information and the understanding that we are not alone in our concerns and our challenges."

— Teresa Barranco,
Director, Print Creative, Safeway

"Our in-house team is moving to a true agency model and we are looking forward to leveraging the collective insights from IHAF members to help us learn industry best practices. We are also conducting a client survey to help us develop our strategic mission and the survey tool that is offered as part of the IHAF membership is an attractive benefit."

— Tom Klug,
Senior Director, University Marketing Creative Services/Production, Virginia Commonwealth University

"IHAF provides practical insight into how in-house agencies collaborate with their internal clients and business partners along with creative inspiration, industry trends and valuable networking opportunities."

— Kathie Hewitt,
Director of Business Development, Lightbox Librarie

“IHAF is an excellent organization that provides resources for a growing community. I would recommend membership to any internal team responsible for their company’s creative. IHAF's collective wisdom will help you to grow and to validate your position as a strategic partner.”

— Frank Coehlo,
Director of Client Services and Agency Operations, PTC

“IHAF is a great organization that offers significant value from information sharing. And the quotes at the end of each "IHAF Brief" are priceless and very motivating.”

— Kristen Broussard,
Communications Consultant, Chevron

“I received a link to the IHAF site over five years ago. I clicked on it and signed up after reviewing it for five short minutes. Great members and the IHAF staff is top notch. We've learned a lot and have made many new friends. Thanks IHAF!”

— Wade Franks,
Senior VP, Creative Services, TTI North America

 “As a vendor who works with in-house agencies, I'm looking to network and learn more about what makes in-house agencies tick. The IHAF staff has been unfailingly pleasant and helpful in assisting me in my efforts to connect with great companies I never would have had access to otherwise. Plus, the group itself is a welcoming one. I'm new and just getting my feet wet, but so far I give IHAF my highest recommendation.”

— Brian Klam,
President and Creative Director, Flying Brick, Inc.

“In-house agencies have a unique set of opportunities and challenges that are well understood by IHAF. It is one of the reasons our membership has proven to be so beneficial. Our ability to access quality content, leverage proven tools, and take advantage of the inherent knowledge resident in the IHAF community ensures that we are operating our 140+ person internal agency in the most effective manner possible. For anyone in an in-house agency, IHAF is simply a low-cost, high-impact value proposition.”

— Bridget O’Brien,
Vice President, Brand, Creative & Content, Vistaprint

“The IHAF Performance Evaluator feedback tool is very valuable. The format was easy for our internal clients to fill out and the support we received from IHAF was extremely helpful. The feedback we received was specific and actionable; we used the results in a working session to set our strategic goals. This just makes the already valuable IHAF membership even more valuable.”

— Craig Williams,
Director, Creative Services, American Century Investments

“The IHAF Performance Evaluator is easy to use. We surveyed our core customers at the start of the year and built team goals based on the most critical results. We plan to measure our performance against those goals by running the survey again later this year.”

— Meg Galligan,
Director, Creative Business Operations, Corporate Design, Mary Kay

“The Performance Evaluator has been a great help in pinpointing areas for team improvement as well as areas of excellence. When we completed our first follow up survey, and it was gratifying to see the scores improve in the areas that we targeted. It was also helpful to be able to compare our performance with our peers in other organizations—especially to see that in-house agencies everywhere face many of the same challenges. Overall, this has been a great morale booster for my team.”

— Ann Marie P. deWees,
Director, Strategic Marketing & Demand Generation, Northern Arizona University

“I have found great value being a member of IHAF. Not only has my creative department been fortunate to have received recognition for our work, I have had the opportunity to network with creative leaders in other industries and share challenges as well as best practices. It's a great way to get inspired and make your in-house team more efficient.”

— David Moll,
Group Creative Manager, Discover Financial Services

“The presentations each had relatable information to help me do my job better at being a stakeholder in the building of our in-house agency. The insight from others about their struggles was extremely helpful. Each of the presenters was clearly experts in their areas. It was an honor to have heard from each of them about what they are doing and how they are doing it."

— Jeni Harkrader,
Project Leader, Teva Pharmaceuticals

“Attending reminded me that I am not alone in this journey. It was very interesting and informative to be able to speak exactly the same language with others that are in various stages of transforming their organizations. While I have built multiple internal agencies and feel experienced—there is always more to learn and it was very rewarding to provide perspective to those in the early stages of their journey.”

— Pam Orlando,
President, Executive Creative Director, Humana

"Well worth the time and investment as there were many useful takeaways and action steps that we can apply at our organization.”

— Sally Witzky,
Director, Marketing Strategy & Development, Allianz Global Assistance

“Every time I attend an IHAF event, I learn something. I always have a nugget of a take-away that I can apply to my role, my thinking and ideas. It’s a great forum for inspiration...truly. I love IHAF!”

— Liz Larson,
VP, Brand and Advertising, MFS Investment Management

“Thanks for putting together such a great event! We had engaging presenters, candid conversation and a wonderful sponsor. The ability to network and gain perspective about similar issues we all are experiencing is invaluable.”

— Michael Kerr,
Senior Vice President, Bank of America

“Attending allowed me the opportunity to connect with so many other in-house creative leaders and provided insight into other internal creative departments that helps me to develop and grow my own team.”

— Amanda Froehlich,
Manager, Creative Operations, Saint-Gobain

"Participating as a supplier allows you to put your brand in front of a qualified audience of potential new customers, particularly at the IHAF Conference & Awards Show. Plus you're able to be there as part of the community. That's a huge benefit for any supplier member or event sponsor."

— Derrick DeLuties,
Executive Producer & Owner, Lunchpail Productions, Inc.

"One of the challenges in partnering with today's in-house agencies is understanding the intricacies of their business and the issues they face. IHAF provides a direct feed into these issues, exposing us to various needs and perspectives. This enables us to not only 'get' the in-house model but to provide our clients with a better service."

— Eric Gendron,
Director of Business Development, Communications Collaborative

“As someone who served on the IHAF Board for over 10 years, I can say with certainty that the association is in step with, and in many cases ahead of, the challenges internal agencies face. By maintaining focus on the needs of its members, IHAF succeeds in delivering relevant, resonant content to the in-house community.”

— Marta Stiglin,
Principal, Stiglin Consulting

“I have been an active IHAF member since its inception. In that time, I have found the members to be generous with their time and eager to share their experiences. After each event, I always come away having learned something new.”

— Kimberly McNeil-Downs,
Leader, The Green Dot Agency, Deloitte